Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Doctor Who" Series 9 Reviews

With the ninth series of Doctor Who rapidly approaching, I am, of course, gearing myself up for my customary series of reviews for the episodes. However, I wanted to inform those who may be anticipating my reviews, that I will be doing things a little differently this year.

Seeing as this blog is called The Consulting Detective it follows that it should be devoted to all things Sherlock Holmes. So, I am trying to return to my initial focus with this blog and all other movie-related ramblings have been consigned to my other blog, Sacred Celluloid, which you can access by clicking here. That will include this year's Doctor Who-related reviews.

I should also mention that due to the fact that the majority of stories for the upcoming season are two-parters, I will only be posting reviews after the second episode, thus judging them as a story on a whole, I find that that is a fairer assessment.

So, to Whovians across the world, our wait is almost at an end. From everything I have read, Series 9 will be one wild ride. I for one am very excited.