Monday, January 14, 2013

A Plea for Help (Don't get Worried)

I hope that my readers out in Cyberspace shall act as my Baker Street Irregulars today! As thoroughly shocking and horrifying as it may seem, I am at a loss to find any Sherlock Holmes pastiches nowadays. I know that there are plenty out there to choose from, but I really have not heard anything good about anything lately. I suppose I have a full backlist of reading material to review and analyze on this blog, but I was really hoping for something new.

If you know of any worthwhile Sherlock Holmes pastiches, please (PLEASE) feel free to comment below. I will respond to you if I have read any, but maybe some suggestions will get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance for all those who comment.

P.S. I just felt like throwing in a picture of Jeremy Brett today. He is long overdue to have his picture on this blog.


  1. The new Bill Pronzini/Marcia Muller novel THE BUGHOUSE AFFAIR includes a crazy Limey who calls himself Sherlock Holmes, but who couldn't possibly be Holmes because he's been dead the last few years. Right?

  2. It's not a proper pastiche, or even the best in the series, but Gladys Mitchell's Watson's Choice is an enjoyable and interesting read if you're familiar with the canon. I think the book has been reprinted by Vintage.


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