Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some "Sherlock" Season 3 News!

I can certainly empathize with the poor chap in the above e-card. However, the wait for Sherlock is slowly but surely getting shorter. Yesterday, Monday the 18th, filming began for the third season of the show. And today, the title of Mark Gatiss' season opener was revealed. It is..."The Empty Hearse."

Mr. Gatiss, you are a genius! On the off chance you stumble across this blog, you should know that. Aside from the wonderfully punny title, we know little about the other top episodes for the upcoming third season, aside from the fact that Steven Thompson is writing the second episode and Steven Moffat is writing the all-important season finale. 

I honestly do not have much more to say with this post. I just had to spread the news while it was still new. As soon as more information becomes available, I'll continue to post here.  

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