Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Little Bit of Apprehension

The Internet is once again abuzz, especially in Sherlockian circles, following the release of the second promo for "Sherlock" Series 3. (Click here to see it) Of course I'm excited. I have been waiting for the third series since the finale last year (it seems like it was much longer ago). Yet, I cannot help but feel somewhat apprehensive about it all.

Maybe it's just the BBC's style of advertising. It's rather hard to explain, but after I watched the newest thirty-second promo, I felt as though something was off. The ads just seem to fall a bit flat and are uninspiring. You would never know from watching these that the show is in any way connected with Arthur Conan Doyle's tremendous stories. I suddenly had a flashback to watching the teasers for Series 2 and feeling the same thing. I can only venture a guess as to why I feel this way.

To me, "Sherlock" is a show all about the story. The plot, dialogue, the little references to the canon is what makes me come back time and time again. It's the brilliant acting and direction - everything about the show just puts a smile on my face. The BBC's promotion for the show lacks all of this. Granted, we are only given thirty seconds to wet our appetites, but it simply doesn't seem to ring true to me. Somehow, I always end up a little nervous - has the show fallen flat? Will everything will be different now? My fears are dissolved upon viewing, but I cannot help but feel this way.

Whose get better advertising - "Doctor Who"
or "Sherlock?"
I am not well-versed in advertising, so I have no idea how the BBC could rectify their ad campaign for "Sherlock." I'd say that it needs to be a bit more exciting. Perhaps a teaser with a bit more bombast, something to get us fans really excited. It is perhaps a bad comparison, but watch this trailer for the "Doctor Who" 50th anniversary (click here). Something about this ad just made me so excited, in a way that none of the "Sherlock" teasers have.

It just seems unusual that's all, and I feel like I'm the only one who came away feeling more apprehensive than excited after watching. Nevertheless, "Sherlock" cannot come quickly enough though!


  1. Agree with your thoughts.

    I have felt the same way about the marketing for Season 3 of Sherlock.

    Perhaps, the success of the show has gone to their heads (as suggested by the way fans are portrayed in the latest teaser trailer) or the marketing team is not doing their job well.

    Let us hope that the show can maintain the same high level of quality of the previous seasons.


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