Monday, July 7, 2014

Spoilers Everywhere!

In response to the BBC's plea for Doctor Who fans not to spread spoilers after the first five scripts for the up-coming Series 8 were leaked, I have only one thing to say: I couldn't agree more.

I understand the appeal of getting to know about the episodes early, but there really is something special about going into an episode with few (if any) preconceived ideas. Even if someone, like myself, who has no intention of reading the leaked scripts comes across some words scattered somewhere in the vast expense of the Internet, it's liable to change the way I view an episode. I think I can speak for many when I say that it would be very disappointing to ruin someone's enjoyment of the show.

So, if you are one of those who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to get your hands on a copy of those leaked scripts, please keep as much of the information to yourself. Believe me fellow Whovains, 23 August will come soon enough.

And on an unrelated note, for those anticipating more content from me, your wait shouldn't be much longer.

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